Our philosophy has always been to create a range of quality handcrafted made wines that maintain the greatest respect for man and nature. Hence our commitment to grow native grapes such as Albana, Famoso, Centesimino and Sangiovese. We pursue quality through organic farming -which nowadays we think should be the standard method- and biodynamic farming.

Working in a environmentally friendly manner to us means to alter course -or maybe resume the old one?
First of all it means to stop poisoning the Earth, then to listen to nature and guarantee its best evolution avoiding using coercive methods.

To us a role of primary importance is played by the relationship with the territory: the spontaneous blooming of local varieties is threatened by a ruthless globalization that is disguised as “openness to the new”. The “new” is always welcome but we should learn to beware when it forces us to drop the tradition without trying to integrate it in an harmonious development.

Furthermore many small enterprises related to the territory go out of business thus giving an opening to the avid interests of multinational companies. This causes the end of little and tidy clusters of people subduing them to the wholesale will of a few men who make laws from their cold and distant desks.

The risk is real, and the role of small businesses is crucial at the moment.

So to us wine represents a wonderful chance to reveal the most authentic soul of a world’s part -in our case Mercato Saraceno, in the upper Savio valley, in Romagna – of its terrains, of its skies, of its inhabitants, of its traditions.

Phone: 0547.90441
Tenuta Santa Lucia via Giardino, 1400
47025 Mercato Saraceno (FC) Italy