Looking ahead

We are deep-rooted in our origins and fully conscious of the millenary tradition under our belt.
Yet this doesn’t prevent us from going further; on the contrary it’s a solid basis for experimenting.
Therefore we do not leave modern technological equipments out from our production provided they respect its quality, and possibly enhance it.
“Looking ahead” to us means paying the utmost care to our Planet increasingly troubled by the thoughtless use of its precious natural resources.
In the current problematic historical contest each and everyone of us faces a heavy responsibility: to guarantee a sustainable future -and a present- to the Earth and all its inhabitants.

That’s why we decided to change to organic and biodynamic production; the effects of the winery operations on the environment are minimized: we use environmentally friendly power and materials are recycled wherever possible. Our care and our effort are continuously aiming to preserve the natural setting.

Phone: 0547.90441
Tenuta Santa Lucia via Giardino, 1400
47025 Mercato Saraceno (FC) Italy