The land of “Alta Valle del Savio”

Our estate is located at Mercato Saraceno in the heart of Romagna, a rural and little known area. Here soil, animals and people are discreet yet intense. Here most people still look at you with warm and sincere eyes: forgetting the world’s events they are always open to give you their true attention and address you with kind words.

Romagna is our birthplace

These lands have embodied the wine essence and its culture since the remote past which, and they still endure in everyday’s simplest habits, in the sense of brotherhood fostered among the people at the table, in the love for good food from which real masterpieces can be originated.

We strongly maintain that the obscurity in which this noble Land has been kept for a long time has resulted in preserving its genuine and intense gift.

Phone: 0547.90441
Tenuta Santa Lucia via Giardino, 1400
47025 Mercato Saraceno (FC) Italy